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Tim Bissell is a writer, editor and deputy site manager for Bloody Elbow. Tim also owns and operates Sumo Stomp!, a newsletter for both new and veteran sumo fans.
25-year combat sports author in America and Japan. Extensive knowledge and experience reporting on organized crime, administrative law, and anti-SLAPP civil procedure protections for journalists. Founder of Fight Opinion in 2006.
I'm Nate Wilcox, the host of Let It Roll, owner/editor of The MMA Draw
Miguel writes technique articles and creates breakdown videos and highlights for Twitter.
Breaking down technique, strategy, style, and all the finer points of face punching. Host of the podcast Heavy Hands. Co-host of the MMA Vivisection.
Editorial and UFC preview writer. Occasional podcaster.
Hi, I'm your resident know-it-all knucklehead with his fingers in a few pies around here. I've been part of the crew since 2014 and I'm never too far from where the weird stuff is.
Stephanie Cuepo Wobby is a Filipino American writer and a former U.S. Army combat medic. She joined Bloody Elbow in 2023.
Writer, podcaster, producer, content creator with 19 years of combat sports coverage.
Zane is a senior editor, podcaster, and long time writer for Bloody Elbow.
Art Director of BE Substak, publishes the art & essay book series The Fine Art of Violence and the editorial cartoon MMA Squared. From NYC, he moved to Denmark in 2022 and enjoys winter bathing, BJJ, cooking and spending time with his family.
Professional curmudgeon and wallet watcher. "Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed; everything else is public relations."
At the intersection of sports and politics | Bylines: NYTimes, The Guardian | Founder: Sports Politika
Independent MMA Journalism
Combat Sports Historian. The Ringer. "Shamrock: The World's Most Dangerous Man" is available worldwide.
Journalist in Toronto! Covering a wide range of topics including sports, music, wrestling, and much more.
I wrote for Bloody Elbow for ten years. I'm still lurking and occasionally guesting.